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29 October 2012

Flashback of Tragic Night

It happened sometime back in 2009.

After my BHSEC examination, I had been helping my dad with his works. Me and dad had to travel Wangkha (near Chukha) every morning and then back to home at Gedu at night. I really enjoyed those days helping my dad and have a good memory to share. Ironically, I even had the bad memorable incident of those days.

18 September 2012

Pedestrian Day: Green Idea

For every good intention, there could be possibilities of bad consequences. I had been seeing, hearing and reading over the inconveniences caused by pedestrian day in cities of Bhutan, most notably Thimphu.
His Majesty on first Pedestrian Tuesday. Photo source: google image.

6 September 2012


These days I am lost in thought and nothing worth is running inside my mind. I feel I am not being mindful, and many would be like me. So, just thought of sharing what I understood by mindfulness:

Following are few proverbs I found worth sharing:

26 May 2012

In Bhutan soon….

Tonight, I am going Bhutan. I am done with my 6th semester exams and will be on vacation until first weeks of August. Have lots of plans and works to do in my vacation; don’t know how far I can go with it.

Jamtsho; the perfect man for every woman

“Beep… beep…”……… “Pick up the phone,” shouted Sherub.

Stretching in uncertain way, Jamtsho reached his hand towards call. “Hi chagem, I will call you after sometime tubga,” Jamtsho spoke in his usual way.

21 May 2012

Satyam Kumar, 12 Year Old, the youngest who cracked IIT JEE, 2012.

Today, while networking, I was struck with the news of 12 year old boy cracking Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT JEE).

18 May 2012

Lover boy…

The day was sunny. Unlike any other days, with smile on my face I walked out of my house, completely unaware of the fact, which I was going to meet. It was already 7:30am, so I got to rush for morning assembly as fast as I could like galloping horse. I was in 7th standard by then, and I had never experienced any feelings of love till date.

8 May 2012

Child abduction: Missing boy found in Mumbai

Recently in kuensel online news I had read about the missing boy Tashi Phuentsho, class 7 student, being found in Mumbai; who had returned back to Zhemgang after 6months of his missing. We all need to be thankful to Mumbai police, Bhutan Embassy in Delhi and all the concerned people who helped in bringing back Tashi Phuentsho to his parent. Our government, unlike others, helps each and every individual, even with their own personal problem. This is great and we should be proud of our self.

5 May 2012

Effects of Junk food

photo source: Google image
Many of us when at colleges, institutes, works, and on tours, we usually don’t get an ample of time to cook and eat. So, obviously we will be dependent on fast food. We take  these items; burgers, momos, pizzas, noodles, hotdogs, sandwiches, and lot more of similar types as part of our meal mostly.

You know! I am never a strong guy with attractive figure; this made me to Google and see what I am eating is nutritious enough to keep me healthy.